TBMS’19 Program


  • Scientific Program TBMS’2019:

General program in OCTA’2019:

With the integration of the scientific programs in OCTA multiconference: SIIE’2019, ISKO-Maghreb’2019, CITED’2019 and TBMS’2019. (in progress…)

Special issues for publications in OCTA and Projects:

1– Journal Name: Financial innovation journal – ISSN: 2199-4730
– Name of the special issue: Financial innovation in emerging markets
– Scientific Domain: Finance
– URL: https://jfin-swufe.springeropen.com Guest Editors : Moawia Alghalith, Xu Guo, Wing Keung Wong
– Editor(s): Department of Finance, Asia University,500, Lioufeng Road, Wufeng, Taichung, Taiwan

2– Journal Name: SocioEconomic Challenges – ISSN (online) – 2520-6214
– Name of the special issue: SocioEconomic Challenges toward green and digitalized economy.
– Scientific Domain: Social Sciences and Humanities
– URL: http://armgpublishing.sumdu.edu.ua/journals/sec/
– Editor(s): OCTA’2019 members

3– Journal Name: ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information (ISSN 2220-9964) is an international peer-reviewed open access journal on geo-information.
– Domain: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & ICT
– Name of the special issue: Geospatial Big Data Mining and Geoinformation Security. (coordinator: Tahar KECHADI)
– URL: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/ijgi
– Editor(s): Tahar KECHADI, Amira KADDOUR & Sahbi SIDHOM.

4– Book Name: Collection « Systèmes d’information, web et société ».
– Name of the special issue: « Outils et usages numériques ». (coordinator: Imad Saleh)
– Editor: ISTE editions
– URL: https://iste-editions.fr/collections/serie-outils-et-usages-numeriques
– Editor(s): Imad Saleh, Sahbi Sidhom & Amira KADDOUR

5– Journal Name: African Journal of Political Sciences. ISSN: 2661-7323 & ISSN ONLINE:2661-7617. Studies and research in the coming issues in the following disciplines: 1. Political science and International relations, 2. Legal and administrative studies, 3. Strategic studies, 4. Social Sciences 5. Humanities, and other cognitive fields relevant to journalistic interests.
– Name of the special issue: « legal challenges in the era of digital transition ».
– Editor: university 20th august 1955 skikda-algerie (Editor in Chief: Pr. Chaib Bachir)
– URL: https://www.maspolitiques.com
– Editor(s): Chaib Bachir, Amira KADDOUR & Sahbi Sidhom

(in progress…)


Program days:

1 – Conferences (or Tutorials) & Keynotes:

Feb. 6th. , 7th. & 8th., 2020 : Conference (or Tutorial) in plenary session per half day each day, given by guest speakers as recognized experts in the field. The aim is to develop theories, models and applications.

2 – Papers & Sessions:

Feb. 6th. , 7th. & 8th., 2020 : Twelve parallel sessions of oral presentations of the best research papers selected by the scientific committee. The presentations will bring together the timelines of senior and junior researchers from academia and business works (research, demonstration, prototype and software).

3 – Industry & Panels:

Feb. 7th. & 8th., 2020 : Thematic industrial panels in plenary session, moderated by industry managers on current topics in the world of business and governance.